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Review of 'Cyclone'

Rating:5 User: arda

I like almost all of Vortex's games, and cyclone came second in my top 5 vortex list.

Cyclone's engine is improved T.L.L. engine, bigger map, and it can rotate view 180 degree to see backside of the obects and locations. This is where the fun begins.

in Cyclone, you use a helicopter to find 5 Crates hidden along the islands, and rescue people as much as you can. After finding all 5 crates you return to base island and game restarts. It looks simple but you have to avoid Cyclone (which is randomly wandering around) and you have to mind your fuel and you have to check every part of every island including rotated view as crates can be hidden behind a tree or a high hill. Also you need to collect all of them in a limited time.

Graphics and playability is almost perfect, it's not a hard game, when you get hold of controls your only enemy is the bad cyclone sitting on you, not leaving an inch.