Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Chuckie Egg'

Rating:5 User: arda

Well, this game defines what "playability" is. Chuckie Egg was most played, most discussed game in my neighborhood. Every day somebody found a new move to jump one platform to another, find shortcuts to get 5 egg at one jump, and how to get pass thru platforms using jumps from ladders to ladders. Everybody was a master at playing Chuckie Egg, and speccy's rubber keys were well suited to play it actually.

The game does not require to be pixel perfect, even you can touch birds without losing a life, you can hit a elevator and bounce back to a platform, you can use screen borders to bounce around and make big jumps. if you are a master chuckie player there is no stopping for you, it's not a "stop and plan your move" game, it's a fast paced, non-stop running-jumping fun.

if you complete the game the game restarts but with mother duck released from his cage to chase you, so you can't stop anyway.

Excellent platformer, even today.