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Review of 'Bruce Lee'

Rating:5 User: arda

Well, everyone agrees this game is too easy, but everyone accepts that the game has a replayability value. Even though I finished it plenty of times, I kept loading that game to play it again. it's a small easy game, especially when you are 30+ years old video game veteran, but I was playing this game when I was 10 and while it gave me a nice challenge, I was able to finish it without frustration.

Graphics of the game are also nice, every room has a nice variety, different obstacles appear as you progress. It can be playable by two player, while the other player chooses to stop bruce *or* to stop the ninja (or both).

And it got a big boss at the end of the game so you got your reward playing the game to the end. While the boss is only shown for 5 seconds before you finish the last screen, if you want to see it again, you gotta play the game from the start.

Well, it's more close to "excellent" than a plain "good", so my vote is 5.