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Review of 'Football Manager'

Rating:4 User: rahtgaz

Football Manager was the first soccer management game I ever played. And what a game!

Understanding the game in the time and age it was designed is fundamental in order to appreciate it. But even today (2008) I take great pleasure in playing this game, 26 years after release.

The game is entirely text based with only the highlights of each match being drawn in glorious BASIC. The player takes the role of a 4th division club coach/manager and is their task to... well, win matches.

The player chooses a team to start with and in each season they play the League and FA Cup matches. If the club finishes the season in the top places it will be promoted to the next division, all the way up to the first. Naturally a club can also be demoted.

Players can manage their team; buying, selling and choosing which players will play each match. A rather simply, yet effective score mechanism based on Skill, Energy and Morale, gives the player an overview of his team and its elements abilities and provides the needed strategic elements.

As the game progresses the player will face matches against all types of teams. A good deal of the strategic thinking comes from knowing what players to choose for each match based on their skills, current league position of his team and the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team.

While on the lower difficulty levels the game plays rather easily, it's on the higher difficulty levels Football Manager really shines and where the player has to put much more thinking into each match and accept the inevitable loses. It's much, much, more fun and exhilarating to play this game starting at difficulty level 4. But definitely you should try levels 5(Expert) to 7 (Genius). You'll see your progression will not be so easy. But then... that's soccer.

Football Manager is a 4!