Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'SHUTTLEBUG'

Rating:4 User: Stack

Shouty title from the International treasure of World of Spectrum Dave R-Tape, SHUTTLEBUG is a little unappetising by looks alone but on inspection is richly enrobed in a roux sauce of humour and playability. It is the cauliflower cheese of Spectrum gaming, delicious and satisfying. But just when you think you have finally outmanouevred the Sunday afternoon SHUTTLEBUG inertia along comes a fearsome Gronk blobbing his way between you and a well deserved mow.

SHUTTLEBUG is a wonderful step back to an era when the Metro was a car, Gary Numan sang about Cars and Top Gear was carp. This game is far from carp, though it may drive you round the block.

Thank you R Tape