Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Quazatron'

Rating:5 User: sirclive1

Quazatron is the spectrums version of the classic c64 game " paradroid " , its been updated and instead of a flat view , we get the game in full isometric glory !

Starring Klepto the parts pinching robot , you must liberate each level by either a) shooting and killing each robot or b) challenging each one to a game of grapple.

Grappling with a robot takes you onto a seperate section , a mini game were you get to battle for control of the enemy robots circuits , its fun and never seems to get boring , even after hundreds of grapples !

The graphics are very detailed and the scrolling (though its very jerky) , does work well , considering the amount of code the speccys moving round.

Its addictive , fun , has a slight comedic element through kleptos face , it's a picture when hes happy or sad , the facial expressions are great.

The only slight annoyance is the circuit overload / damage than can occur at almost anytime and can result in an extremely quick death / game over , but other than that its pretty much faultless.

For me its a game that has really stood the test of time and i'd recommend it to anyone.