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Review of 'Abadia del Crimen, La'

Rating:5 User: JSA

'La Abadia del Crimen' (The Abbey of Crime) takes Umberto Eco's novel The Name of the Rose to your Spectrum.

You play the role of William of Baskerville, helped by his apprentice Adso, who must solve the mysterious deaths that are taking place in the Abbey.

However, William is a monk himself, so he has to cope with a strict routine - otherwise the Abbot shall run out of patience and expel him from the Abbey

In your 'spare time' you must find the clues and the items required to solve the crimes. But then again, if you are found were you should not be, or if you venture to wander around the Abbey at night you might be expelled inmediately.

As days go by, new murders shall take place and new characters will talk to you (even the Inquisition may show up).

From time to time, you'll watch flashbacks that show what's happening in different locations of the Abbey.

La Abadía del Crimen has very nice isometric graphics, good sound, and a deep, complex plot.

Although few people would finish it without help, it's probably the best Spanish game of the 8-bit era.

Unfortunately, it was never released outside Spain.