Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Brick, The'

Rating:2 User: Stack

Yes, its Breakout time again, possibly the most cloned game on the Spectrum and since Thro' The Wall played it with a straight bat as the first ever Spectrum game, everyone that followed tried to put their own spin on it, whether Arkanoid or Batty with power ups, Krakout with its sideways appeal, Exploding Wall with scrolling, Chicks with Bricks with its soft porn or Arkanoid Revenge of the Doh with its garish colours.

And so, The Brick, which came after The Doh with a team that must have said,

"You know what, Revenge of the Doh makes my eyes sore"
"Yeah, great feature. That's why its my favourite"
"How can we ever top that?"
"I don't think they overdid it enough."
"Yeah, how about we make a Breakout game where your eyes actually bleed?"
"Doh, okay then!"

And so The Brick was born... And they even managed to make the ball speed unpredictable, hide the bat against a coulour matched background, and make the first screen really discouragingly hard to complete.

In summary, The Brick looks horrible and its gameplay is a mess.