Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Mad Nurse'

Rating:3 User: Stack

This is not a game for Stanislavsky style method gamers. Trying to get into character as Mad Nurse Brenda Bumwasher led me into all sorts of problems in the local maternity ward.
To play this game you must dump babies into cots to stop them jabbing sticky fingers into the open elctric sockets, scoffing poisonous drugs or plumetting down the untended lift shaft.
Yes, its dead baby mayhem amidst frantic 'nursing' fun for all the family.
A game and hospital ward simulator that is locked in the 80s, it is hard to imagine some EA 'In the game' creative think tank coming up with the electrically fried baby premise instead of going with Fifa LXIX or whatever. Even the listless Firbird Silver folk must have had a slight doubletake when they realised what some hopelessly drunk employee had signed off for publication.
Anyhow, its quite a good busywork collect em up arcade game, but which suffers from being too easy and not offering variation or even, given the its reliance for any longevity at all on high scores, a HS table.
A poor game elevated by by the real insanity of giving it commercial status. Playable for one game only, maybe two, the temporary appeal is outweighed by the way that the Spectrum's graphical limitations ensure that the sick subject matter is instead stangely evocative of the innocent humour of Carry On Matron.