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Review of 'Wild Bunch, The'

Rating:5 User: Rebelstar Without a Cause

Whilst walking home you discover a man lying in the road dying. After uttering the words " The Wild Bunch" and giving a brief description of his attacker the man dies. At that moment the sheriff arrives and seeing you with the dead body and a gun in your hand decides to arrest you. You manage to escape but are now a wanted man. So you set off to find the real killer and clear your name.
The game starts with you fleeing to one of five towns. In each of these towns there are a few things you can do including playing poker in the saloon to try and win some money, buying provisions from the store and checking the location of the Pinkerton agent who's on your trail. If he catches up with you it's game over.
The game plays like a cross between an adventure game and a choose your own adventure book, with you choosing what to do from a menu. The Wild Bunch is quite basic but all the elements come together to make for a really fun experience. The poker mini game in particular is very addictive.