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Review of 'Pogo'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

This is another of those early unofficial arcade conversions from Ocean, this time based on Q*bert from Gottleib. You need to step on each hexagon in a pyramid whilst avoiding an assortment of nasties with only the help of a few floating platforms to allow you to escape when necessary.

As far as Q*bert clones go, it's a very good one; far better than the likes of Spellbound and Pi-balled which came out around the same time. The sprites are cute and move smoothly and there's excellent use of colour strategically employed to avoid clash. More importantly the gameplay strikes the perfect balance between fast enough to keep you on your toes and giving just enough reaction time to avoid being unfair.

It was something of a hit back then and hasn't aged badly at all. It wouldn't have won any awards for originality, and might well have attracted a lawsuit had Gottleib been inclined that way, but it's a very playable game indeed.