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Review of 'Dynamite Dan'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Mirrorsoft (UK)
by Rod Bowkett

You could call Dynamite Dan a Jet Set Willy clone, after all, most of the original elements are here, but that would be a tad unfair. Dynamite Dan is probably the best use of the JSW idea there is, true, but there is more to the game than what meets the eye. In fact it's filled with much more content than the assumed inspiration.

Instead of just collecting items, for example, DD forces you to run around screens, while collecting sticks of dynamite to blow up the safe where your girlfriend is trapped (the main goal). You can also catch weapons to destroy some evildoers on your way or food to help you in your quest. There are lots of features like teleports, trampolines, elevators, tightropes and even a river where you can navigate using a raft.

It's not an easy game, au contraire, I think it's even harder than JSW (maybe good news for die hard JSW fans), and there is always the infinite lives pokes option available. Difficult or not, original or not, in the end it's a highly playable and great fun game. One of the best I've seen and played on the Speccy.