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Review of 'Bouncing Bomb: Redux'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

2012 Retroleum (UK)
by Phil Ruston

It's always nice to read other peoples reviews and see how similar they feel to a game like I do.
It's consensual how this sort of games get's so incredibly frustrating, specially at a point (I only got to level 9, after that I had no more nails to bite). Manic Miner was the first game to which I felt like this, and still is, I'm afraid, but it's a game where you can also feel incredibly proud of yourself once you finally past that dreadful impossible level, (sometimes after decades of playing!). BB Redux is no different. Personally I think the game is less harder than, for instance, Mathew Smiths games. It's very well programmed, plays smoothly and it's a step further from the 1986 version. It gets very addictive after a few plays if taken, of course, with a slice of patience. It's a rule. Decathlon required strong fingers (and a bit of cash to substitute malfunction keyboards), Pheenix required speed and good reflexes, well Manic Miner and all it's variants, like BB Redux, requires nerves of steel, patience and a good book from the beloved Dalai Lama about the benefits of Meditation.

4,5 points