Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Bouncing Bomb: Redux'

Rating:4 User: Stack

Bingo bango, this game has nothing to do with the bomb bouncing Dambusters but it will make you want to thrash a hole on the damn wall in angst and frustration and would certainly be more irrelevantly retro if you slap on a WW2 pilot's hat when playing it. Still, better not, as you'll need a cool head to get through the well designed levels.
This game, a 2012 remake of the authors 1986 machine code experiment Bouncing Bomb, is a smashing platformer that looks like most of the legion of single screen platform games on the Spectrum only better than the vast majority with clean use of colour, background shading for depth and well animated sprites.
Gameplay, it obeys all the usual rules of platforming except you, a bouncing bomb, are forever on the move. You can't stop bouncing and have directional control as well as a button to push for a slightly lower bounce.

There are 20 trappy 'oh not, why the hell did I do that' levels to bounce through, as well a selection of secret levels and hidden surprises. It plays as the classic retro game that it is, but it also features modern stuff including achievements and continues.

Only trouble is I'm surprisingly shit at playing it. I completely lack the patience and required. I can see its not that hard but I just cant rein in my desire to race through each screen and I am expert at the delivering the low bounce when high is needed and vice versa.

Misc Negatives
A bit more sound and music would be a plus.

Misc Positives
Despite being poor at the game it remains addictive, playable and surely have made a commercial impact in the 80s and scored highly in magazine reviews of the day.