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Review of 'Tomahawk'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

Following up from the earlier success of Fighter Pilot, Digital Integration released this helicopter simulation based upon the AH-64 Apache helicopter.

As with Fighter Pilot, the flight model is quite respectable, even by modern standards, and supports things like autorotation and stall turns. There's also a variety of weapons to use such as the laser-guided Hellfire missiles and a powerful chain gun; targets are provided in the shape of enemy tanks, artillery and helicopters.

What really sets this game out from the crowd is the quality of the graphics; as well as the horizon there are mountain ranges, forests, buildings and assorted other details rendered in wireframe graphics at a respectable speed.

Comparisons with Microprose's Gunship, which came a bit later, are inevitable but Tomahawk holds up as the more realistic and better looking simulation, even if the later game has more interesting missions.

Overall, Tomahawk is a shoe-in for the best helicopter simulator but is also a front runner for the best flight simulator in general, although DI's later F-16 Combat Pilot shades it slightly in that respect.