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Review of 'Viaje al Centro de la Tierra'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1989 Topo Soft (Spain)
by Carlos Arias, Rafael Rodriguez, Alfonso Borro, ACE, T.P.M. and Antonio Moya

One of the best Spanish games around, very pretty looking and with a fairly good gameplay.
Our player still moves in squares rather than pixels (so common in Spanish games), so to maintain the colors in place, thankfully this doesn't affect much the overall gameplay, as with so many Spanish games. The game is comprised in at least 5 different levels, all very different. In some, the rough movement might pose as a problem.

The best part of the game for me is the underground maze. Very pretty looking, with nice coloring and a great atmosphere. The other levels are OK too, even the annoying first level, which in my view, should never be placed as a first level. I bet a lot of players never passed it because of it's difficulty and never got to see the wonderful following levels. Like the delightful dinosaurs scenes, for instance. Great to look at, and fun to play.

4,5 points