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Review of 'Eskimo Eddie'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1984 Ocean Software Ltd (UK)
by Christian Urquhart, Nick Pierpoint and F. D. Thorpe

This was my second Pengo game on the Speccy. And again I felt cheated. You see, I was a fanatic of the arcade game and although I wasn't expecting an exact port of the original, at least I was expecting the same addictiveness. But no, It hasn't. Unfortunately Pengo never got the deserved conversion it should, which is a pity, really. On the other hand, Eskimo Eddie is still a fairly good clone, better than Pengy from 1983, but spoiled by the Frogger level at the beginning, which is useless (this is Pengo, not Frogger) and too long, although cute, I must say.