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Review of 'Neighbours'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

1992 Impulze (UK)

How do you attract soap opera fans, which are mainly women, and kids who hate the same soap operas, to buy and play the same game? Well, just write a racing game, including all the goodies, like skates, bike, etc and call it... "Neighbours".

Supposedly, the game is about the kids cast. So that may explain the racing theme. It's not a bad idea, simply it has nothing to do with soap operas.

Nonetheless, despite the obvious naggings about how the game is outdated, how unstable the gameplay is or what's up with the theme, the game is quite amusing and addictive. For a short while, sure, it looks more like an 1985 game and plays as such. But it still delivered a few good playing moments to me.