Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Nuclear City Bomber'

Rating:1 User: Digital Prawn

This game belongs in a crap game compo , but as it was apparently released in 1984 it's well ahead of its time! After fourteen years of crap game competitions at the time of writing, we feel we know this sort of game all too well.

Featuring a single gag, this game is at least a smidgen enjoyable as deploying nuclear weapons is just as much fun here as it is in "Civ 2" for example. However, the game really can only score one as it's not really a game but a joke. Great for its time, but twenty-five years later simply a middling crap game effort.

The game is made even worse by comfortably fitting into a 16K speccy, yet uses hard-coded UDG addresses. So, it must in fact be played on a 48K system to see the graphics as intended. I have to ask, what is wrong with using the ' USR "a" ' method to set up UDGs? Surely remembering the address is more difficult and it breaks compatibility!

Play it once if you must and then you'll never need to again. Although if nothing else, it could be used as a "stressbuster".