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Review of 'Back to Skool'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Microsphere (UK)
by David Reidy and Keith Warrington

If Skool Daze left everybody wowed, Back to Skool left some players in the same state of euphoria some girls had when the Beatles came on stage.
At first it may seem more of the same, and it's a sequel alright, but by no means an "Yesterday's" game (didn't like the pun? Oh, well).

Eric has moved on to the bigger school (You kids study and stay away from drugs, I mean it!). He has now access to the girls next door school (See? Studying pays off!). Responsibilities are now bigger, Eric has more on his hands than ever before, which means there's more funny moments than ever, and some very well thought out and imaginative. He interacts with the same known characters and a new cast, including girls, girls, girls.
If Skool Daze was a fave, than BTS seems a gift from the Gods to fans.
Possibly the best game ever for the Speccy.