Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Double, The'

Rating:4 User: Rebelstar Without a Cause

The Double taught me a lot about football management. For example, did you know the most important skill needed is to be able to predict what the attendance will be?
Yes, The Double is not your usual management game. For one thing it's one of only a handful not to be written in BASIC. For a genre that's all about number crunching that's most certainly a good thing. Speaking of numbers there's not a lot to be found here. Player's aren't given a numerical rating. Send a scout to look at a player and he'll present you with a short report. A typical scout's report would be
"Quick on his feet, a good finisher, liable to bite people, a snip at £220k". It's an interesting idea but makes it quite difficult to compare players as you can only hold 2 reports at any one time. Every time you send a scout on a new mission, his old report gets over written.
Unfortunately there's no match commentary or anything thing like that, instead the results from all 3 divisions scroll up the screen.
There's not a lot to do between games besides guessing the attendance of the next home game. Still it's quite absorbing and with a little more thought could've been a real classic.