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Review of 'Batman: The Caped Crusader'

Rating:4 User: Raphie

It's Batman again, and he's the Caped Crusader somehow...oh wait you mean he was always the Caped Crusader? Like from the very start? Well that's this intro buggered then!

Ahem anyways this is vastly different from the original Batman. Instead of an isometric enviroment Batman finds himself in an arcade type game that's played like a comic strip. It's very cleverly done but does get a little annoying when you travel back from screen to screen and not knowing where to go next.

The most interesting part was it was essentially two games in one tape. A Bird in the Hand on side A and A Fete Worse than Death on side B. Very clever that.

Unlike the Superman games which were a load of tosh the Batman games really were something. This for me was the best of them.