Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Pathetic Pablo Bros, The'

Rating:1 User: Raphie

Undoutably one of the absolute worst games to ever exist let alone feature on a magazine covertape...like why Your Sinclair actually allowed this to feature on a covertape in the first place?

This game is Cassette 50 material. You control Pablo whose looking for his lost brother Sergio and you move him painfully slow around the level to collect coins and reach the exit...and because he is so slow finishing the levels take forever...leaving you bored within an instance of playing this game...and because he is so slow timing your jumps is a complete nightmare, either he'll land too short and land on the spikes or for a truly frustrating experience your character will simply not jump at all, leaving you to think why you even bothered with this game. Not even playing at double the speed does this any justice!

This game (at the time of this "review") currently sits in the top 5 of the worst Spectrum games on WoS, and with good reason too. It's a darn good thing this was free as it is simply not worth any price whatsoever. If any game inspired the Crap Games Compilation this must certainly have been the one.