Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Auf Wiedersehen Monty'

Rating:5 User: Rebelstar Without a Cause

Monty's final game (Impossamole doesn't count) sees him travelling around Europe trying to make enough money to retire on a Greek island. There's some great touches like Monty breakdancing or drinking the wine and getting drunk. The 128K music is great or you can choose to turn it off and instead have the national anthem play each time you enter another country! There are plane tickets dotted around and you can use these to fly between airports. Here you're presented with an admittedly dull mini game whereby you have to fly into the back of other planes.
This is a still a difficult game and it's hard to imagine anyone completing it without cheating but it's a lot easier to make progress than in previous Monty Mole games. This is easily the best game in the series. Finally Monty got the game he deserved. What a shame it was to be his last!