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Review of 'Impossamole'

Rating:3 User: Rebelstar Without a Cause

The premise of this game is that Monty Mole is a super hero. He's armed with a powerful kick and with his cape well, he can't quite fly but he can glide for a bit. Now this would all be very well if Monty wasn't so slow. And that kick? It's not as powerful as all that, taking 3 or 4 kicks to down some of the enemies. Some of whom are invincible with no way of knowing beforehand. This means you'll need to avoid them, but due to Monty's lack of speed this can be tricky and in a lot of cases impossible. You'll find yourself losing a lot of energy through no fault of your own which can be very frustrating. Hiding behind all these flaws is a fun game but you'll need a lot of patience to find it.