Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Starion'

Rating:5 User: p13z

A disconcerting mix of 3d space shooter and puzzle game, an anagram'em-up.
Fly around, shooting bad guys, to collect letters, to solve historical puzzle based anagrams. The shooting gets you straight in for some arcade fun, and the puzzle element builds up to give it some longevity.
Somehow this appealed to me in a way that Elite never did, despite it looking suspiciously similar at a quick glance. It feels like they squeezed a remarkable amount into, and out of the the little Spectrum. It is more than impressive for a 48k title released in 1985. The speed and quality of the vector graphics and display is about as good as it gets on a Speccy, and just for good measure they threw in some ace border effects and a 'tuition' option - presented in a way to rival many scene demos. Even defining the keys is something like a minigame in itself, no corners were cut when making this.
It is a strange game, and seems a bit odd at first, but soon becomes compulsive.