Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Wanted: Monty Mole'

Rating:4 User: Rebelstar Without a Cause

The start of Wanted Monty Mole is brilliant as you have to steal a bucket off the farmer and then run away as he chases you (and walks on water as he does so). The reason for swiping the bucket is that you need to collect all the coal on your way home. Don't be too hasty though as on one screen doing so will result in your path being blocked and you'll have to restart the game. What you need to do is leave some coal alone, advance one screen, collect all the coal there first before collecting the remaining coal from the previous screen. Simple eh?
It's an annoying bug and one that even a rudimentary play test should've picked up on. This and the crushers are the reason this game doesn't get a 5 from me. The crushers have no set pattern but are completely random. Being killed by a random number generator is a bit much, even for 1984! Still this was a huge leap forward for platform games and with a bit of playtesting and bug fixing would've been a perfect 5. As it is a 4 seems reasonable.