Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Emlyn Hughes International Soccer'

Rating:5 User: Emlyn_Hughes

If you want to play football in our beloved speccy, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer is the best choice.

* A huge amount of customizable options
* Two player support, vs and cooperative
* Awesome physics for the spectrum
* Fine graphics

* Only eight teams in the league

The first thing you can notice when you load the game is its interface. Mouse-style cursor moves through redefinable keys, and its gui it's very advanced for its time.

In the menu you can select all the options that suits you better: team names, player names, player skill, pitch color, player ink color, game lenght and much more. Editing the teams at will is a great feature that increases the replay value.

The graphics are not perfect, but they make their job well. Players are clearly displayed and are more realistic than other games games like Match Day or its sequel. Animation is quite smooth and color clash is dealed in an usual manner, monochrome display.

For a newbie, it can be a bit tricky to get into the game, because dribbling or retrieving the ball may need a bit of practice to master the inertia, but there is a practice mode and ten difficulty levels.

The beeper is hardly used, although you can hear how the players kick the ball, some chants or the crowd celebrating a goal.

Game A.I. stands a reasonable challenge, besides you can ask a friend for help and double the fun. It also allows you both to play in different teams of the league.

Graphics/animation: 4/5 Mono but detailed sprites
Sound: 2/5 Use of sound is pretty limited
Playability: 5/5 Man, that's football
TOTAL: 5/5 Soccer got no better in the spectrum