Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Trap Door, The'

Rating:5 User: Stack

The surreal children's TV animated series was a perfect licence for the creative programming genius of Don Priestley. The combined forces unleashed some of the most extraordinary animated sprites into Spectrum gameplay.
I hated the idea of a licence from such a kid's show back in the day and I'm sure the licence didn't inspire as many teenagers to buy the game as it deserved. But fortunately I can now appreciate it as an adult.
In Trapdoor Priestly leads you, personified as the servant Berk, into participating in a crazed bizarre interplay. The scenes play out with comic gusto.
At one point you will flip a large bullet up a giant chicken's arse causing it, eyes bulging, to fire an egg into your awaiting sizzling fry pan. And if you lost the bullet down the trapdoor you can fire the friendly skull up the same jacksy. What other Spectrum game can offer up a skull stuffed broody bird for your delictation?
The Trapdoor is an absolute tour de force. Videogaming will never see its like again.