Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Cyclone'

Rating:4 User: Matt_B

Following on from T.L.L. this game makes use of the same graphical techniques. There's a much larger game world too, although it's mostly water with just a few scattered islands. Instead of a Tornado, you have to pilot a helicopter and rescue a number of survivors as well as picking up a series of crates. All the while, the cyclone is ripping its way through the islands causing havoc. When it's close your controls become unpredictable and when it's right on top of you there's nothing you can do to avoid crashing.

Although there's a bit more variety in terms of what you have to do, the game doesn't quite have the same visceral thrill of T.L.L. with no bridges or power lines to fly under. The gameplay can become rather frustrating should you find yourself grounded by the Cyclone, or hunting fruitlessly for that last crate which was perhaps hidden on the far side of some island you flew past before.

There are some neat improvements to the game engine, such as the ability to flip the view around, which is essential to locate those aforementioned crates. There are also some other flying aircraft; however, they don't seem to do much other than crash into you, so it doesn't add much to the game.

Overall, it's a reasonable sequel to a great game that just doesn't grab me as much as its predecessor.