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Review of 'Rick Dangerous'

Rating:4 User: Rebelstar Without a Cause

This is not Indiana Jones. This is just a tribute.

The game starts with our intrepid hero, who is not Indy, being pursued by a giant boulder. Having successfully outrun the boulder you find yourself in what can only be described as a temple of erm... gloom. Mr Dangerous or Dicky to his friends must overcome all manor of nasty traps. The first you'll know of these is when you've landed on a spike or been hit by a poison dart etc. You then need to remember where the trap is so you can avoid it next time. Dicky is equipped with a six shooter and some sticks of dynamite (but sadly no whip). And he'll need these to fend off the natives who have the temerity to protect their treasures. The background graphics can make spotting enemies and traps harder than need be and I wonder why they weren't left blank? If you don't mind the trial and error nature of the gameplay then Rick Dangerous is a lot of fun and easily better than any off the official Indy games.