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Review of 'Ninja Commando'

Rating:3 User: p13z

Who could be tougher than a ninja, and tougher than a commando? A Ninja Commando, naturally.
And this guy is tough. He can kill the enemy SuperMario style, by just jumping on them, while waiting for some weapons to collect. The game itself, though, is also very tough. Side scrolling platform action, with plenty of weapons and bad guys. If you hang around, the enemy keep piling in, so it pays to keep up a good pace to progress though levels. Then it becomes all too easy to misjudge a jump and fall to your doom.
The graphics are quite detailed and moody, and look impressive at first. After enough monotonous repetition though, they start to look a bit monochrome and boring.
If you like very challenging games, or maybe don't mind POKEing infinite lives, this is worth a look. I resorted to cheating, and it took a lot of lives to learn and get past some parts. Pretty good for a £2.99 budget game, but ultimately too hard and too repetitive.