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Review of 'T.L.L.'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

After Android Two had put Costa Panayi and Vortex on the map, there was a certainly level of expectation around for his next game which was further fuelled by some rather abstract adverts.

The game itself didn't fail to impresss, however. You play the role of a tornado pilot who has to fly very accurately at low level to pass over a number of targets, before returning back to a runway to land. Succeed, and you'll get another set of targets in progressively more awkward positions for you to navigate around.

The world is presented in a similar 3D fashion to Android Two, but with much more depth and a greater variety in scenery. It scrolls in eight directions too; although at the character level, it's a good enough effect to work given the speed you're travelling at, and the great use of colour more than makes up for any lack of smoothness.

Where the game really comes into its own is that it allows you to fly freely around the map and take on the targets in any order and from whatever direction you choose; you can even choose to do your own thing and do a bit of stunt flying; there are a couple of bridges you can go under, and power lines and towers to weave in and out of. Whether you want to play the game or just muck about with it, it's great fun.