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Review of 'Donkey Kong Jr.'

Rating:3 User: gabriele amore

1984 Thomas Busse (Germany)
by Thomas Busse and R. Busse

I feel very sympathetic with this interpretation of DK Jr (and with its author of course). I mean: the still pictures from the WOS page are really enticing, you can see that some love and some work has been put in the effort of recreating the coin-op athmosphere.

Of course when things are moving, everything changes, with all the color-crash/crap that we all know very well and love very much ;).

This being said, the game mechanics have been reproduced quite faithfully, and if you pretend that 30 years have not passed by, you can actually enjoy this little game...and after all this is dated 1984!

Soundwise...well I am pretty sure they could have done a better job even back then.

I was however let down a bit by the main character and the sitting Mario sprite graphics, which are a bit fuzzy and not so well defined. Also some nice animated sea waves would have been nice.

Overall I think this is an average game, considering the time in which it was written. And to be honest I kind of enjoyed playing it. So i guess it deserves a few goes.

So I will give it a 3 or even 3.5/5