Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Ace of Aces'

Rating:4 User: p13z

Ace of Aces was an ace(!) flight simulator game, where you carry out an epic bombing mission, defending yourself from enemy fighters along the way. On some machines, notably the Commodore 64, this game was classic, with a great feeling of adventure and atmosphere. However, the Speccy version appears to be one of the worst. Not a bad game in itself, just poor in comparison.
The graphics are worth a look. Watching the clouds roll below you from your chosen camera angle is certainly more interesting than the average Speccy flight simulator view. But, it ends up being slightly too slow, even with the forward view size being cut down on the Speccy. As with other flight games, the sound effects and engine noises, that draw you in on the C64, become slightly annoying and simple on the Spectrum.
The wealth of little details and features that made this game a total classic on other platforms have all been squeezed into the Speccy version, but somehow it just doesn't recreate the atmosphere.
Worth a look, and worth a 4 rating for the interesting, if somewhat jerky, graphics, and for fitting so much into a 48k Spectrum game.