Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Jangler'

Rating:4 User: zxspectrum128

Jangler has simple character graphics.
It is a maze game where several worms do battle. You can shoot at the other worms trying to reduce their size after a hit.
Crash head-first in to one worm if your worm is longer than the enemy and victory in this fight is yours.
Otherwise you lose one life.
The pace of the game is very hectic and it is tons of fun roaming around the maze, simultaneously trying to reduce other worms' size while guarding your own worm. On top of this you are always out to bump into any worm shorter than you so the maze's population density (and hectic) is reduced to a more bearable level.
I highly recommend this game even if the graphics are so simple.
But often the simple things of life are among the best.