Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Wanted: Monty Mole'

Rating:4 User: Stack

This was the first outing for one of the Spectrum's favourite characters, Monty Mole. It was Manic Miner derrivative althugh it did have ladders as well as platforms, doubling the directional controls. Als, not every screen had to be played in a pre set order, but it was a linear journey that took the minor miner Monty into the depths of Arthur Scargill's coal black mind (or something...), so that you could escape past the Union leader with your collected coal.
A rare element of political satire brought the game fame beyond the Spectrum.
For all that it achieved I'm tempted to give the game a 5/5 but that would be to overlook the crushers, those random mole squshers that could only be avoided with luck, not skill. It deprived many players of the will to persevere, a shame because Peter Harrap saved some of his best screens until the last few including the frantic coal train. Fortunately a poke to disable crushers now exists.