Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Pippo'

Rating:4 User: Stack

At school I used to have a column in my blue French Vocab book for Spectrum High Scores. Some games were simple and the only replay interest was to see if you could do better next time.
Had I had Pippo, it would have been in there. A straightforward game, you play the fat rabbit Pippo and paint the squares (as in Q Bert but on a single lavel). Bad guys move around on there but unlike Q Bert they cannot be predicted. It creates a different sort of strategy. I won't go on, its a simple cute game with great FX and nice tunes and it was strangely ahead of its time as Pippo works best as a coffee break game.
In the 80s waiting for Pippo to load would have taken about as long as I like to play it for. In emulation I can keep a snapshot on my desktop and be up and bouncing in seconds. And if I save afterwards I don't even need the French Vocab book anymore.