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Review of 'Deathchase'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1983 Micromega (UK)
by Mervyn Estcourt and R.B.

The year: 2501, 100 years after the Great War.
The American continent is ruled by Warlords in constant fighting for every inch of territory.
You belong to the elite mercenaries, knowed as the Riders of the Big Bikes.

The storyline is great, but the game is in fact a little simpler, not that it makes it any worst, by any means, no, Deathchase is a classic in it's own right.

You basically patrol a wide territory, both by night and day, chasing enemy riders and destroying them with a guided lazer beam installed on your bike.

Again, Deathchase is a classic, an all-time classic Spectrum game, with simple but incredible game play that only fails on variety, but never lets you down on fun.