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Review of 'ATV Simulator'

Rating:5 User: p13z

Side scrolling All Terrain Vehicle 'simulator', similar in ways to Kickstart. Jump and avoid obstacles to get to the end of each themed track, against the clock. Fun with one player, but much more fun with two.
The game is slickly presented, you can see some effort has gone into its production. Some of the 'obstacles' become increasingly bizarre through the game, adding a bit of humour.
The graphics look good, work well, and there is some great animation. The beeper music between levels is just right, adding to the feel of the game. Game-play can be frustrating if you get tangled up with some of the moving obstacles, repeatedly falling off your vehicle, and trying to re-mount. After learning how to negotiate the courses and avoid trouble, however, it can start to feel a little bit too easy in single player mode.
This game received some stinky reviews, but I remember loving it, and still play through a few levels occasionally. It is a bit short of levels, and would benefit from more, or even better, a Kickstart style track editor. Still, especially for a budget £1.99 game, I consider it a classic.