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Review of 'Lords of Chaos'

Rating:5 User: Rebelstar Without a Cause

Lords of Chaos is a strategy game in which you play a wizard. In each scenario you must survive until a portal appears whereby you escape through it carrying as much treasure as possible. The more treasure you escape with, the more experience points you'll gain. These are then spent on new spells for your wizard so he's better prepared for the next scenario.
As well as wild creatures to contend with, there is also an enemy wizard trying to do exactly the same as you. He'll send all manor of creatures after you and if you get too close he'll zap you with magic bolts or lightning!
The enemy wizards all put up a decent fight and it's extremely satisfying when you finally destroy them.

Lords of Chaos is an entertaining game, although with only 3 scenarios (5 including the expansion pack) it's a bit on the short side.