Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Seiddab Attack, 3D'

Rating:3 User: Stack

Back In The Day (BITD) Crash captioned their screen picture of this game 'a fistful of baddies bomb the bezzazz out of Birmingham' whilst Your Spectrum complained that the action was hard to follow on a monochrome TV.
It was a passing era, and 16K games, such as this rail shooter, (in which you shoot down Seiddab - Baddies spelled backwards) were already a diminishimg return.
Anyhow 16K it was and with Spectrum heroes Steve Turner and Hewson on the case no game was likely to be a duffer - even now there is that elusive 'have another go' compulsion to this game.
You must defend your drone which gets chipped away at like a Missile Command game by incoming fire. The Seiddab arrive in clusters and they are satisfying to despatch. Every 10 or so shot down and you can go on a boss hunt - assuming you can work out the 'route finding' system.
The 3D was soon surpassed by other Spectrum games and the navigation radar was hard to fathom - monochrome TV or colour - but there is still a good, albeit repetitious game in there that made a big enough deal of a very mean amount of K.