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Review of 'Thrust II'

Rating:4 User: p13z

Thrust 2 is even harder than the original classic. Starting with 10 shields is not as generous as you might think.
As with all good sequels, the original game style has been kept, added to, and given a bit of a makeover. Once again you pilot your spaceship precariously through caverns, collecting and towing your objectives around. This time you have android guards to contend with. The guards can be dispatched by finding the right chemical agent to attack them with, adding a good puzzle element to the game.
The graphics are good enough, with smooth animation and rotation of the ship - but - when scrolling, the player sprite flickers in a very off-putting way. Sound, besides an interesting phased beeper effect on the title screen, is very basic.
It is a good game, overly difficult, but rewarding to learn. Some of the charm and simplicity that helped make Thrust such a classic is missing in this sequel.
Not as good as the original, but it offered something new. For a £1.99 release it was well worth the money.