Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Rally Driver'

Rating:2 User: Stack

In this driving game with a twist your job is to steer your car down a road without crashing off the road. The twist? Its twitchy man, well twitchy. You will need lighter fingers than a Ramblas pickpocket to play it.
A rediscovered cult classic, Rally Driver resurfaced in 2013 as a high score challenge on World of Spectrum, which led to a sad group of ageing men trying desperately not to touch their keyboards any more heavily than the bare minimum required in order to break its Ready Brek aura - all in pursuit of a few more seconds towards inevitable roadside doom. Inevitable? One insane player, The Starglider, actually completed the game and it is rumoured that he did so by ensconcing his Spectrum under 20 mattresses and dropping red split lentils onto the uppermost to inact each minuscule key depression. Peas were too heavy.
Depression is a major part of the game play. It will set in the minute you decide to pursue a respectable score. One irate player even endangered his breakfast cereal, such was his monstrous anger whilst playing this game. Hopelessly addictive, Rally Driver is fully worthy of a score of at least 2 out of 5. Its a headrush 5 whenever you beat your previous best but all other attempts bring on low grade misery and there will be many.
Rally Driver has generated COL after COL (C=Crying) in many corners of the globe.
You have been warned.