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Review of 'Tir Na Nog'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

For their second outing, Gargoyle moved away from the futuristic space-going action of Ad Astra to create a graphical adventure based on ancient Celtic mythology.

The game was built around an animation of a walking man in front of a smooth scrolling background. From this simple, but graphically very pleasing beginning they managed to construct a giant maze of pathways populated by a plethora of characters, with objects to pick up, weapons to wield and puzzles to be solved. The first creatures you were bound to run into were the Sidhe; you could try and fight them but without getting hold of the correct weapons first, your chances weren't great so after a few resurrections you'd soon get the habit of running away quickly whenever you hear or see one coming.

Although offering a hugely atmospheric environment, it was difficult to make swift progress with the game. A common problem was losing a vital key behind a locked door, and having to restart from scratch because of this. The sheer size of the game made mapping a necessity and some of the puzzles were rather obscure to say the least.

That said, Gargoyle succeeded admirably in creating a novel form of graphical adventure; one that they were to revisit several times with ever increasing standards.