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Review of 'Dun Darach'

Rating:5 User: Matt_B

After the success of Tir Na Nog it was inevitable that Gargoyle would make a follow-up. Sticking with Cuchulainn they chose to make a prequel set in the Celtic city of the title, where an evil sorceress Skar has captured the charioteer Loeg, and you must regain his freedom.

Although superficially similar to the earlier game, Dun Darach benefits from much improved graphics; as well as Cuchulainn himself, there are a number of other people in the city that you must deal with, as well as shops, banks and casinos. The puzzles are of a similar nature to Tir Na Nog, but mesh more into a single plot rather than a series of sub-quests. One thing that's missing is the combat; you're entirely reliant on your wits this time, although it wasn't one of the earlier game's best features. Although Cuchulainn cannot die in this game, you've still got the potential problem of losing a vital object to a pickpocket or behind a locked door.

Although nowhere near as innovative as Tir Na Nog, this game did a pretty good job of filing some of the rough edges off the system and provided a whole new adventure that was an enthralling challenge to those who took it up.