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Review of 'Maziacs'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

maze game maziacs (dK'tronics) contains one of the most remarkable examples of 1983's matchstick man.
i've only really played it now, never had it at the time. it's not bad, i must say. it surely isn't one of those games that goes on endlessly:
you "only" have to find the treasure, and then the exit, and the game is over - there's not a next level.
random elements and various skill leves constitute the variations. it surely plays well.
it's very strange that you don't really fight the enemy monsters, but you watch your character fight, rooting for him, becoming passive,
as if it was an animated rpg game (and if fact the level of your energy, and the possession of a sword plays a good role in determing the outcome).
nicely done. an early don priestley, when he wasn't yet programming interactive cartoons.