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Review of 'Jack the Nipper'

Rating:4 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Gremlin Graphics Software (UK)
by Greg Holmes, John Holmes, Peter Harrap and Nick Laa.

This game is a real treat for any comics fan. Together with the Monty series, the Wally Week and a few others, Jack the Nipper delivers a fest to the eyes and a grand dose of good disposition. Every character is very well portrayed, even better than the pictures in the booklet which I find a bit too nasty. And then there is the city where everything happens, thats keeps up the ambience quite well, even with monochromatic color.

The games purpose is to be as naughty as possible "doing the things you always wanted to do but dare not (YOU WIMP!!)" - can be read in the instructions.

If you are thinking of nasty things to do, well think again. You will find a good source of nasty behaviour on 'How to be a Complete Bastard', but Jack is a baby after all, and all he wants to do is to play innocent pranks on the passing folks. ...Is it really? NO! He will push everyone's buttons and put you to the test! Not even the police station is safe!

There is lots to do here, from the innocent fun of just using the pea-shooter to annoy people and pets, to blowing up a whole row of computers with the battery stolen from the police station. Oh yes, Jack's no saint!! He will do anything to spoil everyone's daily routine.

JtN is one of the cutest and funniest games I've ever played. It is well written, well presented and deserves to be called a classic every single day of the week.