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Review of 'Roller Coaster'

Rating:5 User: The Dean of Games

1986 Elite Systems (UK)
by S. Brockelhurst

This is one of my favorite games of all time. It as some adorable details in it and it's a great platformer.
It's impossible not to relate to Jet Set Willy, after all Mr. Smith's games spawned a lot of bastard child's.
But what sets Roller Coaster apart from the rest of the bunch is the quality and originality of the platforms.

Graphically may not be remarkable, but the platforms are simply amazing.
Every roller coaster is superb and with a realistic feel to every single one of them. It's a joy just to watch some. And even more when you get to ride them! Great stuff!
Oh, and there is also the trains which are another fun part of the game!

Your main job is fairly simple and the same as in Willy's games: Catch every bag of money and avoid being killed or killing yourself up.
But the main attraction are in the platform action and exploring the amusement park. And even if you don't want to complete the game or even bother with any of the bags, you can just chill out by cruising around the fair.

A classic in my eyes!

4,5 points (on account of the graphic simplicity)