Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'BMX Ninja'

Rating:1 User: Raphie

The only way I can best describe BMX Ninja is that it is abstract, nonscentical and highly inept, for a start it has little to do with BMX and nothing to do with Ninja.

And the gameplay is really dire, you are supposed to ride your bike and hit the other player with your rear wheel but most of the time you either miss him or the game fails to register a hit even after you've clearly hit him and he ends up hitting you without a fuss, what makes this even more attrocious is that you have to repeat the process so many times to progress where as they hit you once you lose a life AND you lose your progression and have to start the incredibly tedious and repetitive process all over again! This makes progression in this game next to impossible.

Plus skateboarders appear from behind you and hit you at random to further annoy you...since when did skateboarders have anything to do with Ninjas? Oh wait the term "ninja" doesn't even exist here that's how!

BMX Ninja is currently occupied in the list of the top 100 worst games on the ZX Spectrum and frankly it isn't hard to see why. It's rubbish in every aspect. Only play it to see for yourself how awful this is, other than that don't bother.